Mind Body Skills: The Pelvic Floor

rock stack beach image Your pelvic health, is it “balanced”?

I am speaking this week at the Academy of integrative Health and Medicine AIHM17# , on The Secret World of Pelvic Physical Therapy. Some “secrets” I will divulge include:

1.Kegel Power (Pelvic Muscle Strength) does not always =bladder control, or continence.

2.A “Short Pelvic Floor” is a common condition, and it is too tight to function well! It may be associated with pelvic pain, bladder leakage or pain, constipation or bowel leaks, ¬†pelvic pain with rest and play activities, and/or sexual problems.

3. Sexual  function may be improved with pelvic physical therapy!

4. Mind-Body Skills such as Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Training can help improve quality of life, reduce pain, and provide a drug free “re-set”, all helping your Pelvic Floor with improved function. Respiratory exercises and daily health care routines established in therapy can enhance your well being.

Many people are shy about pelvic problems, and so are many medical professionals, so if you have a pelvic health concern, talk with your health care provider regarding conservative care with Physical Therapy.

Meditation, mindfulness training requires “practice”, I suggest my clients start with a comfortable position for 10 min per day, 3 x a week. Results are “dose related”.


Pelvic PT for men and women; details:





About 1wcspt

Pelvic Rehab, ortho and Pain specialist, Medical Yoga Therapist, Credential Clinical Instructor APTA, Integrative Therapy, member Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM), Institute of Professional Yoga Therapy, National Institute of Complementary and Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), presenter on specialty topics in Physical Therapy

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