Pelvic Physical Therapy for Interstitial Cystitis (IC)or Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)

   Current Science, and Conservative Care Strategies                               Questions and Answers                                    Pelvic pain is a great challenge for men and women, and individuals can go for years before receiving a diagnosis. Pelvic pain can involve bladder pain, and other symptoms such as urinary urgency, frequency, hesitancy, incomplete emptying, urinary incontinence, and distress. Everybody is different!Continue reading “Pelvic Physical Therapy for Interstitial Cystitis (IC)or Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS)”

Constipation Blues,

Tips and Lifestyle Help with Pelvic Physical Therapy Maureen Mason, DPT, Function Smart PT    In the realm of Pelvic Physical Therapy (PT) constipation is evaluated and treated with conservative care techniques, and some individuals  are improved rapidly, in a few sessions, while others may need several sessions to achieve results, in addition to lifestyleContinue reading “Constipation Blues,”

Post- Partum Fitness, and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Many women are shocked to discover that they have a different body post partum , not only in appearance, but in power, stamina and performance. Although some women bounce back to full function, many have to adjust, and reduce their activities to reduce problems such as bladder leaks, pelvic pain, and other troubles. Our healthContinue reading “Post- Partum Fitness, and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction”

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and your health,Post Partum

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is a current hot topic in perinatal health and wellness, with lots of research and fitness formats being developed to “help it heal”. It is a thinning and separation of the central insertion site of all the abdominals, the “linea alba”. It occurs most often in pregnancy in the later months,Continue reading “Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and your health,Post Partum”

Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and PT

Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction,                        The low down on down there,                                      Conservative Care with Physical Therapy   Maureen Mason DPT Men come to Function Smart  PT for all sorts of pain problems, of the “usual sort”, such as low back and hip pain. But certain pain areas require a unique analysis in the realmContinue reading “Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and PT”

Pregnancy Pain and Physical Therapy

Pregnancy can be blissful and care free, or some women start to develop musculoskletal problems such as pelvic pain, back pain, hip pain, and bladder pain. Our national organization has links explaining pregnancy related physical therapy, and specifically pelvic pain, check it out: Be an advocate for yourself and speak to your health careContinue reading “Pregnancy Pain and Physical Therapy”